As I teach cooking classes across the US, often times students ask me about “must have” kitchen equipment. While you don’t need to have all the handy-dandy gadgets that have come about on the Home Shopping Network, there are a few things that do make life easier. And they don’t need to break the bank either, if you can find deals for kitchen accessories then you’ll be able to afford to buy more of this equipment than you may have first thought. Nonetheless, here are my recommendations specially if you are looking to cook and eat healthier food at home.

1. Breville Juicer: A high performance juicer would extract all the nutrition out of the fruits and veggies, while saving much of the pulp. There is no need to peel but you will need to remove seeds and chop coarsely so it fits into the mouth of the juicer. Juice diets are great supplements for weight loss, snacking, and ensuring you are getting enough vitamins into your diet naturally. My favorite is apple, beet and ginger, but you can use any left-over fruits and veggies in any combination to make a juice cocktail. It also avoids food waste. If you’re a celery lover, you might want to check out Some juicers juice different foods better than others so make sure you do some research before buying one!

2. Master Chef Stainless Steel Food Steamer : Use the 3-tier steamer to cook salmon, rice and veggies all at the same time. Steaming is the best way to cook low fat and retain vitamins in food. Broccoli, carrots, peas are great for steaming and serving as sides. You can also use leftover steamed veggies to make a salad with chopped grilled chicken, boiled eggs, light mayo and mustard.

3. Hawkins Pressure Cooker: In India, it is common to use pressure cookers to make dry lentils and meat in minutes. By cooking your own black beans, black eyed peas, etc you are not using the canned kind with high sodium and preservatives. Also, a whole chicken takes under 30 minutes to cook in a pressure cooker. It is really a must-have in every kitchen!

4. DeLonghi Indoor Grill: The indoor grill is perfect to cook meats and veggies in small quantities (for 1-2 people) during the winters. Grilled fish is one of my favorite go-to weeknight meals. The nonstick grill is different from the other kinds as it has more consistent heating, 5 temperature settings and tempered glass cover to retain moisture.

5. Ice Fruit Pitcher: The easiest way you can loose weight and stay healthy is by drinking lots of water. A lot of fruit-flavored water drinks are out in the market, but some of them have sugar and sodium. Its easy and inexpensive to make your own flavored water by adding slices of lemons, oranges, mint, ginger, raspberries, etc. into the fruit pitcher and sip from it all day long. The fruit does not wilt so you will always have great tasting fresh flavored water.

None of these products are endorsing us for writing about them. They are simply my personal favorite picks. If you do shop at our Amazon store, Go Eat Give will receive a portion of the proceeds. If you love kitchen gadgets, then you might also like Over on the Buyers Impact website, you can find reviews of just about everything from slow cookers to coffee machines. Reading reviews is a great way to research some of the fantastic products out there. But for now,